27 December 2012

First Haircut

Matthias got his first haircut this month.  He was the cutest little man with long hair, but experience tells me to cut it before it gets so long that we are embarrassed to show off his baby pictures.

He sat in my lap during the event and was a normal little tyrant.  But in the end, I won, and he got himself a little man's haircut.  I cannot even begin to tell you just how different he looks now with his short hair.  

Look at that Handsome little man!

p.s. I apologize for the time since my last post.  I kept getting errors from blogger that I had exceeded my picture space, and I haven't had time to investigate it.

16 November 2012

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me...

Tyler and I have been married a long time now, and even though it doesn't feel like we have been together long I can see the evidence of it.  Most recently,  I have experienced a love from Tyler in the form of my house shoes.  

If you have been to my house you know that I wear some green Converse All Star Chuck Taylors around the house and even to run to the store.  Tyler has never been too fond of them.  When I purchased them over 4 years ago he thought they were ugly and couldn't understand why I liked them.  I guess he just didn't understand how comfortable they are or that they remind me of when I was a kid.  

I wore those shoes out to the extent that the soles were completely separated from the rest of the shoe.  Wearing them through wet grass resulted in very wet feet, and needless to say, they were very cold.  

My birthday is coming up and Tyler not only announced that he was going to buy me new "house" shoes, but he also helped me pick them out.  What could be better than that ?!

There are few ways in this world for a husband to express his love for his wife more.  Especially, if he 1. doesn't really care for chuckie T's,  2. happily shops for and buys them anyway, and 3. compliments her on her new shoes.

07 November 2012

Believe it or Not!

we have decided to take Caleb's strong spirit and direct it towards education instead of violence.  (why does it naturally gravitate there?).  Hence the Doctor coat and tools.

I simply cannot believe that my little peanut of a boy is 4.  That's right,  Caleb Thomas turned 4 years old at the end of October.  I am completely flabbergasted every time that I look at him and realize how old he is.  The kid is simply too tiny to be 4.  He is the tiniest, cutest, little midget of a friend that I have ever had.  Although I think Josiah was fairly close to this small too.  Caleb's strong personality tends to make up for his apparent lack of height though.  This boy is stronger, and smarter than any of my other boys were at this age.  He is a determined sponge.  He will not be beat at any game, event, or school activity.  The determination in this child leads me to believe that he is very much like his namesake from the bible.  The biblical Caleb was described as having a different spirit.  That defines my Caleb to the T, or in this case, C.  

sometimes superman needs a little help, shotgun help, that is.

24 October 2012

Weekend Getaway

Tyler and I received a wonderful gift on Columbus Day weekend: A kidless adventure!

The boys spent the weekend with grampy and nana Lisa and their 2 boys.  So without worrying too much about them having 7 boys for a weekend including Matthias (whom has never spent a night away from us), we set out.

Tyler and I started our adventure by hiking.  This was supposed to be the Summer of hiking and, although we did get in a few good hikes, we both wanted to do more.  So we took advantage of the fall foliage to hike Bald Mountain on our way to the White mountains.  It was beautiful and didn't start raining until we had hiked up, down, and gotten in the car onto the main road.

After our little jaunt up the mountain we headed through the White mountains and down NH towards Newburyport MA.  Where we spent the evening and next morning walking and admiring the bay, the architecture, and the port city.

It was wonderful little respite from life and Tyler and I both had a great time.  The port was exactly how we imagined it, the hike was perfect, and the foliage beautiful.

Thank  you to Grampy and Nana Lisa, who not only had our 5 boys, but also traded cars with us so that we could drive a 36 mpg car on our little road trip adventure.

12 October 2012

Melting Smiles

This kid has got a smile that I could look at all day.  While we were at the Commonground fair he found a slate block and just had to sit on them.  Then he smiled.  Man, I love that smile.

01 October 2012

Religion & Politics: part 2

The conclusion of my thoughts regarding an important social issue of our time:

If you don’t believe in the God of the Holy Bible, then I will beg you to consider what He has to say.  If you continue to reject Him then that is your decision and I will still love you.  But don’t tell me that I am being hateful towards others when I have their best interest at heart.   

It brings the alcoholic happiness when he drinks, but he is worse off because of it.  No one would dispute that, and many work to help him find happiness in something that will not harm him.  It brings the homosexual happiness to be with his partner, but it also brings insecurity, disease, an early death, and as a non-christian: torment in hell.  How is that something that we can condone even on a secular level?

From a completely secular standpoint the constitution of the United States calls for the separation of church and state.  For years, the government has struggled with how to keep a line between the two.  On one hand the majority of our citizens have shared common beliefs, such as the right to life, but on the other they are not all of the same religion.  Government has walked on this line off and on in regards to certain issues.  Like when it started acknowledging marriage for the sake of collecting more taxes.  Now the government is trying to step completely into the marriage issue and change its definition.  The government does not have the authority to do this because marriage has  always been a religious matter.  There is no example in history where marriage was considered a matter of the state.  Therefore, I vote against the government getting involved in religion and in marriage. In order to maintain the separation of church and state the government needs to step back and completely abandon any connection that it has with marriage.  

To honor the constitution and respect the many religions practiced in the United States please vote No on question 1.  The government has no right to get involved in religion.  

28 September 2012

Religion & Politics: part 1

It has been a long time since I have posted anything offensive.  Which, by the way,  leads me to remember that I was told this week that as Americans we have the right to offend others, but not the right to not be offended.  So here is me exercising my right.  Unless of course you read this with an open heart and see that I am writing from my heart.  Truly, I struggle with this topic.  I desire so much for others to see this simple fact:  That God loved us while we were sinners and sent His son (Jesus) to die for our sins so that we may have life and have it abundantly!   This reality brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes for myself and my children,  and tears of sadness for all of the people that refuse to acknowledge their need.   So without further ado, I give you my thoughts:

I am sick and tired of being labeled as hateful because of being a Christian.  I read over and over how those who oppose sin are hateful towards the sinners.  Yet, I have not found one example where a Christian was arrested for a hate crime.  Mind you, plenty of non-Christians have been arrested for hate crimes.  Christians make great scapegoats as we believe in showing love to others.  We are told by Jesus to overcome evil with good, and that God alone is good.  So we try, not always successfully, to love our neighbors.  Don’t label me as hateful because I think that a murderer should not kill, and that a liar should be told not to lie, and a man should be told that homosexual acts are wrong.  God judges ALL sin.  If I hate my neighbor then I am guilty, but I know to repent and turn to Jesus and ask for forgiveness.  

If God judges all sin.  Then it is in our best interest to repent of our sin and ask for His forgiveness.  If our neighbor is engaging in sin whether it be murder, lying, stealing, or homosexual acts then the best thing that we can do for them, as a human, is tell them what they must do to receive forgiveness and escape the wrath of God and the torment of hell.  You might say that me pointing out someone’s need for forgiveness is hate speech, but how can me trying to help my neighbor escape the wrath of God be hateful to them?  The worst thing I can do is let them think that they will not be judged for their sins by the all powerful God.  That is truly hateful.  

How are they to know that they need forgiveness if we don’t tell them, and how are they to know to repent and ask for forgiveness if they don’t know that their actions are sinful?  

God gives to all freely who come to Him to ask and ask with a pure heart.  Is your heart pure?  How are you to know if your heart is pure if you don’t know what isn’t?  

23 September 2012

Adios Verano

Summer is coming to an end.  Last weekend the air was crisp, moist, and clear so Tyler and I decided to have a campfire out on the pit.  The boys had a wonderful time.  We used up the s'more supplies, and the last of our 3 FOOT sparklers in an impromptu farewell to Summer party.  So with all of the hullaballoo we Smith's can muster:  Farewell Summer Farewell...

19 September 2012

The Smell of Apple Season!

I love Fall.  I especially love the smell of the crisp apples and the warm inviting scent of cooked applesauce.  This week the boys and I bought 4 bushels of apples at the local orchard.  In case you didn't know, we do have 6 apple trees, but they have a few more years until they start producing fruit.  So until then,  we are still at the mercy of the local orchards.  Which is fine, although a bit pricey. 

On Monday,  we cooked 2 and a half bushels of apples into the smoothest, sweetest smelling, most delicious applesauce that you have ever seen.  The day was a complete success with the canning of 18 quarts and 44 pints of applesauce for our pantry.  And just to show how good Eli and Siah are, we also did a batch of blueberry preserves.  Why not?  The canner was all hot and ready for them.  

A house full of little boys can be very stressful, loud, and busy, and in fact, is normally so.  But then,  we have a day where everyone works well.  They play well together;  they are focused on their tasks whether school related or not.  Although these days don't come often.  I am very glad for them.  They are truly a gift from the Lord, and applesauce day this year was a day that I will cherish over and over.  Every time I eat some  applesauce I will remember how diligently my men worked to produce the delectable dish.

What are we going to do with the last bushel and a half of apples you may ask?  Of course we will eat some, but then come on over this Saturday afternoon and you will be treated to a fresh glass of apple cider!  

06 September 2012

Matthias' Birthday Bash

Traditionally,  we have hosted a large get-together to celebrate each of our children's first birthdays.  Matthias' was no different as we all prepared to have a large birthday bash that included frisbee golf, a campfire, lots of great food, and sparklers.  The turnout was good and Matthias had fun hanging with everyone and being as cute as any one-year-old can be.

Matthias sat in nana Lisa's lap to eat his birthday carrot cake.  He did an excellent job of getting it on himself and her.

We had sparklers for the kids to play with after dark.  They seemed to have a good time and nobody got hurt.  That equals success in our books.

The day after the party Matthias opened his birthday gifts. 

Overall Matthias' birthday weekend was a huge success!  Thank you to all of our friends and family who were able to come celebrate with us.

28 August 2012

Bald Mountain

We had Isaac and Blake for a few days last week, and decided to take advantage of having a car by getting in one more hike before the start of the school year.   So the four biggest boys and I stole the car, and drove west until we found the perfect day hiking mountain... Bald Mountain (one of many in Maine). 

Bald Mountain is such a pleasant hike.  There was just enough breeze at the top to make me think that this would be a wonderful way to spend a day off (ha!).  Someday I will come back with a book and spend the  day reading a nice book at the top of this beautiful mountain. 

22 August 2012

Is One Still a Baby?

We had this conversation today that centered around whether a 1 yr old is still considered a baby.  Yesterday, I made the mistake of saying that Matthias was no longer a baby as he officially turned one. The boys agree with me, but don't tell that to his grandmother.  Apparently grandmas believe that babies are babies until well, until forever I suppose.  As always, I concede to grandparents and let them call my child a baby for as long as they like.

So I would like to introduce to you my son, Mathias Brian, whom is no longer a baby (unless you are talking to grammy).  

He is the cutest most amazing little 1 yr old that anyone has ever met.  On that, I do not concede.

03 August 2012

It's our Summer of Hiking!

We kept the fun going by hiking Borestone Mountain last Saturday.  It was a wonderful hike that proved to be perfect for families and friends alike.  The only downfall was the fact that it cost admission  to the tune of $16!  But the trails were well marked, overpriced snacks were for sale partway up the mountain, and we definitely got more than $16 worth of fun.

Andrew was the hiker of the day as he hiked almost the entire mountain himself.  A very steep top was seen as an obstacle to overcome and every step of the 4 miles with the exception of a few on the road at the bottom were taken by his little feet.

The courageous group of hikers.  We celebrated by taking a dip in Little Wilson Falls at the bottom of the mountain.

29 July 2012


A boy's first Oreo is a momentous occasion.

Matthias is the cleanest Oreo eater ever!

25 July 2012

Politics and Race

The Presidential election is coming up and the hype involved reminds me of what a Jester before the king must have looked like.  The media is beyond annoying.  I think the main problem that I have with them is that they speak as though they have authority to make their opinions fact and in the process make themselves look like fools.  They have a hard job this Summer though as their once perfect candidate of a President is obviously far from it, and their old tactics just aren't working.  The writing is on the wall that in 2008 so many Americans were so excited to be a part of History by electing the first black President that they didn't pay attention to what he stood for.  That illusion is now over, and we can all move onto trying to find someone who can actually do the job with respect.  In 2008, my comments would have been pinned as racist, but no more.  Calling someone racist just to try to make their point invalid is a low tactic and can be reversed in the blink of an eye.  Let me illustrate this idea for you with a few  examples.  Maybe by the end you will see that the Liberal politicians are more racist than your average conservative.

Conservatives (like myself) are pinned as racist for not endorsing a black President who is pro-death, pro big government, and wants to sanctify gay marriages (even though he isn't even Christian, and has no right to claim that he can sanctify anything.  Someone should tell him that isn't the President's job, but God's).  The truth is it doesn't matter if the President is black, asian, caucasian, native american or any other race.  The guy could be a Norseman like myself and I still wouldn't stand by a baby killing, freedom eliminating tyrant of a President.

The fact is that almost any conversation can be turned into a racial issue.  "oh you are pro abortion?  Did you realize that the majority of abortions are performed on black ladies?  So supporting abortion actually makes you racist because you advocate the killing of black babies."  Even something as simple as shopping can turn racist.  "You don't buy clothes made in China?  What kind of a racist freak are you to not like the Chinese?  I have never heard of someone so racist"  How about the political activists who act as though the whites of American owe something to the descendants of former slaves?  You're kidding right?  That is so racist I shouldn't even need to show you an example.  "What you mean you want everyone, including non-whites, to help pay for programs that would focus on trying to make up for slavery?  But you don't want to make programs to give "back payments" to the asians who built the railroad or the families that had children working in factories or even the Jews who were persecuted in WWII?  What kind of a racist would advocate a benefit for one race that suffered hardships and not for the others?"

The point is, when discussing Politics this Summer and Fall either get over the race card and realize that when someone uses it it is because they have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation.  Don't use it, and if someone uses it on you, either act like they must be joking, or hey use it back on them if you are so inclined.

03 July 2012


Our newest additions to the Smith household....

Jersey Rae, an Alpine,  is the newest as she arrived to our "farm" a whole day later than our other little goat girls.  She immediately set herself up as herd queen and walks around as one.  When Tyler or I go into the pen she likes to make sure that we understand that although she is queen, she has a great amount of respect for us as her humans.  I don't know who taught her about respecting authority,  but they did a good job.  She demands respect of her herd and gives respect where it is due.

Tilly Mae, the Nubian, is Amanda's little girl.  She was commonly called a "moose", by her previous owner as she is very solid and eats well.   Tilly has been wonderful in helping us become more sensitive to others and their discomfort in changes.  If it wasn't for miss Tilly Mae we would never have learned to be  considerate of others while they go through some life changes.  What a great lesson that I am sure she will repeat every time something new happens on the farm.  I don't even want to imagine what she will be like in labor; I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.   Tilly continues to gain more confidence every day and as a result is quickly becoming one of the most loving and friendly goats (as long as she knows you).  

Ginny Mae is a little sister to Tilly in more ways than one.  She is younger than Tilly and as such much smaller, cuter, and spoiled like crazy.  She can fit through the fence and regularly visits us when we are outside.  So far her journeys with us have included everything from hanging on the swing set to hiking Mt. Pisgah.  Where she promptly won the hearts of every hiker on the mountain.  With her spots and tiny rambunctious body who can blame them?  She is unfairly called the best goat,  especially since I have to keep pulling her out of the rosebush.  Tyler has labeled her our little spitfire,  which I couldn't agree with more. 

So there you have it... the second beginning of our little family farm adventure ( the guineas don't count).  It has definitely been an interesting adventure,  but we are all glad to be here.  Even Tyler said the other day, " I am glad that we have goats." 

19 June 2012

Portrait Session : Take 2

I felt a need to do another photo shoot with Matthias to try and get his "official" baby portrait.  Now, of course, I have the problem of only needing one shot, but getting oh so many adorable photos.

Photo A:

Photo B:

Photo C:

Photo D:

Photo E:

Photo F:

Please tell me which one you like best.  I could use all the help I can get with this. 

18 June 2012

Milestone Portrait

It's that time already.  It is time to get the official baby photo of Matthias to put on our wall of baby portraits.  I did a little session with him yesterday, but am thinking that I may need to do another one?  Here is what I got that may be useable. Please let me know what you think.