09 July 2013

Slow but Sure

Matthias is not much of a talker, but what he does say is so cute!  He is also entering the parrot stage which makes it all the more fun!

02 July 2013

Field Day!

Rainy wet weather is so incredibly depressing.  Tyler took a few days off to work on clearing some more of our field, but the field was so wet that some days were just a bust.  Never one to be down for too long Tyler looked at the wet drizzle and decided that we need a family day.  So without further ado we loaded up our monstrous bus of a vehicle and headed out to Fort Knox for a little exploring.

The canons were a huge hit with the boys.  Eli was a little sad to see that only a few were left on site, but he found it very interesting to learn that they were sent out to be recycled during the 2 world wars and the ones left were brought back to the fort after the wars were over.

I love the view of the flag through the mist.