29 April 2010

What Do I Know of Holy?

Our Trip to the Grand Canyon was an experience on many levels. Physically, Mentally, but mostly Spiritually. It is amazing how something that God has created can impact us humans so deeply. I never thought about how touched I would be by the immense beauty of something so incredible and made by someone so Holy. I walked the rim, hiked halfway to the river, and visited the observations dwelling on the greatness of God and what he can do. Sifting through fact and assumption at the visitor centers was too great a task for someone such as I, but basking in the Holiness of God is something I could never tire of doing.

I will share more details of our trip in the next few days, but for now I wanted to share with you the big picture of the Grand Canyon. The Canyon is a work of art; you can spend hours just staring at it as the colors change throughout the day. When you walk away you are left wondering what the answer to the puzzle is. What did the artist wish to portray through this masterpiece? Sadly many of the visitors around us missed the artist and dwelt on the "accidental" work of art. Don't make that mistake. The Grand Canyon is just one more way that God shares his holiness with us.

06 April 2010

Climb as High as a Monkey!

Elijah is now an official 6 yr old. It seems every year that the month of March flies by for us. I blink and behold, he is a year older. I know that it has something to do with multiple birthdays, anniversary, and this year a play and homeschool convention. Yet, even though I know it is coming I still feel hit upside the head with the reality that my oldest is well, older.

To celebrate the rush of March and Eli's birthday, here are some pictures taken that help round out the days surrounding the momentous occasion!

The week before his birthday Eli appeared in his very first Shakespeare play. The play was the Tempest and was incredible. I find it ironic that Eli's first Shakespeare play with SMASH was the same play that Tyler and I first helped SMASH with back in 2002. He loved being one of the dogs, and cannot wait to have a part in the next performance!

You may know that in our home we rarely have a large birthday party. That is because we let the boys each choose something fun to do on their special day and whom to do it with. This year, Eli chose rock climbing at the Maine Rock Gym. Ethan, Josiah, Tucker, Tyler and I joined him on his first climbing experience. The boys got as much enjoyment out of watching us "big" people climb as they did out of climbing themselves. Needless to say, they were a little afraid to go high, but are all excited to go back and climb higher when they are a little older!

Don't let the camera angle fool you. They are not that far up; in fact, that blue hold just above Eli's head is about 14 feet off the ground!

Just 2 weeks after his birthday, one bright sunny Easter morning, Elijah lost his very first tooth. Like so many other official 6 yr olds out there he is thoroughly enjoying discovering the interesting things one can do with a gaping hole in one's mouth!