26 January 2013

He's Walking, He's Working

Matthias just really started walking this past week.  He now walks everywhere and is so cute wobbling back and forth on his little pudgy legs. And....in this house.... If you can walk, then you can work.

11 January 2013

Mr. Fantastic

Look at what my husband has done...

A bookshelf filled with good books just makes me so happy

This is a 1700s colonial inspired built in bookshelf with a window seat. It adorns the wall of our living room and I could stare at the book filled shelves all day...

09 January 2013

Happy Chaos

What has happened to me?!

That is the question that I keep asking myself.  I have become not only okay with ignoring a mess during the day, but actually able to sit down and relax while it is still there.  I tell you something is seriously wrong here.  This is not me.  I like order.  Lots of nice, neat, organized, businesslike order.  Yet,  as I sit here thinking about how tired I am I realize that, for I don't know how long, my desk is once again in complete chaos.  Not only am I sitting here not caring about it, I am actually not interested in fixing it. 

Big boy legos, little boy legos, a wooden puzzle, an alphabet puzzle, will this ever end?

Is it part of being a mother that expects her children to completely destroy everything?  Even her love of order? 

My desk is forever discombobulated as of late and I don't have the energy to even have an emotion concerning the absolute wreck of a desk.  Given,  I don't sit here often, but still. I am using my schooling clipboard as a coaster for crying out loud!!!

 Just to give you a visual let me share what I am talking about here.

At my desk I have to my left:  a line of books that we use for school;  an open folder for the church finances which have needed to be organized for ,oh, ever; a large open crayon box (tote), a stack of adventures in odyssey that need to be moved to my computer (but first I need to get some free space on the hard drive, hence their new home of waiting in line); a ball of twine, the school clipboard with my coffee cup staining it; and Josiah's flashing ipod.  To my right: a pile of cables (from Siah trying to find his ipod cable), stacks of correspondence, notes about everything from design ideas for the house to deed info and finance account stats;  bank statements for the church and us; a Beth Moore dvd study set; a broken watch; and finally, receipts from my recent grocery and fuel purchases.   Utter chaos, and I was up so late last night that I think that I am going to ignore this and go sit with my boys. 

This is a weird pic of my desk because it is a mirror imagine.  Talk about being tired, I keep staring at this wondering how in the world...

If you think that your desk and house are in bad shape, please look at mine and feel better.