30 December 2009

A Christmas Back in Time

Who says that children hate clothes as a gift? My boys open a pair of jeans and they are ecstatic; after all, the alternative is a hand-me-down. Trade those jeans for a revolutionary war outfit complete with hat and we have the best Christmas yet! Seriously, Eli wore his "tunic" all morning and has worn it for at least 5 minutes every day since. We don't let him eat in it which is why he hasn't worn it a full day through.

Thanks to my dear friend Amanda and her creative sewing skills, the boys had a great one-of-a-kind Christmas.

I don't think life could get any funnier: Eli and Siah have been running around the house dressed as Samuel and John Adams while shooting their popguns and singing "Go Tell it On The Mountain".

23 December 2009

Tyler's Family Christmas Gift

Tyler had a very special gift for us this year...

Please meet: Nera Pantera Smith
(Italian for Black Panther Smith)

She is the most affectionate 4 month old kitten I have ever met. What a surprise it was for the boys to see a kitten in the box that Tyler brought home tonight.

I started this post an hour ago with thoughts of the perfect kitten for our family, and although this view has not changed it has been widened. Not only is Nera affectionate with the boys she also desires to have my attention post bedtime. If you know me at all, once the boys were in bed tonight I spent my normal 10 minute run by straightening up the house and prepping for the wrapping of Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, since I was the only one up, I was followed by Nera constantly. She even meowed at me when I ran downstairs twice! I really don't mind I think it is cute and makes me love her already, but I am not sure how Tyler will feel about her infatuation; he might just consider this gift a mistake.

Although I don't see how a kitten like this could possibly be a mistake. Unless of course she keeps trying to walk on my counter and table...

19 December 2009

One Beautiful Snowy Day Before Christmas!

Searching, Cutting, and Dragging home a Christmas tree is a wonderful tradition for most families. I still remember the few times that we went out searching for a tree with my father when Joshua and I were little. One year we cut down this huge fur tree just so that we could take the top home to mom. Of course, the top looked a ton better from 50 or so feet away. I think that was the year that mom decided that the work put into a wild fur was not worth it. We didn't exactly have a lot of trees around our field-centered home.

Now that I am grown and married with children I feel a great sense of belonging when I know that our home is surrounded by some of the cutest little scraggly fur trees you have ever seen. They are so very cute and they make getting a "I came from the woods" Christmas tree rather easy. The first Christmas Tyler and I shared in our new home we simply put Eli down for his nap; sprinted the 50 feet to a decent looking tree; cut it; carried it home; and had it inside before Eli even woke up.

As the children have grown they have accompanied us on our adventure to find a tree. This year, Eli, Siah, and Caleb ventured out in the not-so-deep snow. Andrew doesn't really like the snow that much, he has a hard time walking in it and doesn't want to sit in a sled. It was a beautiful day filled with sun, wind, ice, and a little cold...

A group of men excited to venture on their journey and fulfill their mission of finding the perfect little Christmas tree.

Even the smallest member of the crew was anticipating what would be found.

When most had given up hope and gone home the fearless leader returns successful with the prettiest little charlie brown Christmas tree. He knows just how we like it!

16 December 2009

The Art of Taking a Family Photo

All of this, and no one felt it was necessary to mention that Josiah had shed his pants. So finally, after a good cropping and a little straightening we received a semi-decent picture. Although, it is definitely not wall worthy. Maybe I should invest in 5 minutes to prep a good photographer!

Need I say More?

06 December 2009

Caleb: The Official Walking Machine

Caleb turned one about a month and a half ago. On his birthday he was able to take 2 maybe 3 steps before falling on his behind. Now, however, he is becoming quite able on his two little feet. He prefers walking and is now carrying and dragging things (as in Caleb bear and special blankie).

Merry Christmas Everyone!