31 December 2013

Through the Door

John Piper reminded me today that dying is like entering a new year.  He also stated that we, as Christians, should embrace the new year as a time to reflect on the year past.  If my life was only what I did, thought, said, or enjoyed in 2013 would I end it tonight knowing that the Lord would say, "well done good and faithful servant."?

What a profound idea!  To give ourselves a yearly checkup on our Spiritual walk.  Every New Year's Eve becomes a gift to us to reflect on our life, see where we need to improve and make the proper adjustments.  It is like a personal ghost of Christmas past, only it is ours and not Scrooge's.  

When you walk through the door to 2014 will you be smiling and praying for another 2013 or will you be smiling because, like scrooge, you have a chance to change before the real test of death?

On a side note, I am smiling today, because three of my best Richards ladies and my husband bought me my white dishes for the farmhouse kitchen.  Doesn't the white look fantastic contrasted with the red?  It is like our sins being covered with Christ's red blood and then made white.  What a wonderful reminder of forgiveness in our everyday utensils.  

03 December 2013

Christmas Season

I am bound and determined to make Christmas relaxing and fun this year.  On the plans we have many crafts and lots of reading.  I love to read, and it is quickly becoming contagious.  To my delight, even Tyler has taken up reading.  He has been reading books on timber framing, history, and books out loud to the boys.  The boys next read with dad is Hatchet, but first every Advent Sunday we read a stave of the Christmas Carol.

Besides lots of reading for Christmas, we are also sending out christmas cards, and made an advent calendar using origami envelopes that Eli and I folded.  

Snow has started here in Maine and because of my determination to have a relaxing Christmas my boys were able to play outside in it, even during school time.  They were building snow men while I milked the goats the other morning, then after school they spent 3 plus hours turning the snowmen into a bonafide snow fort.  I even took Eli and Drew on in a snowball fight, and won!  

I am determined to look forward to the Christmas Season this year, and I hope that yours is even more relaxing than mine.