22 February 2014

Thought Processes

Thinking can be a relatively difficult task.  I find myself having the best thoughts while vacuuming, cooking or otherwise engaged and away from paper and pen.   Then when it comes time to write a blog update for you all I have no idea what my genius was from earlier.  How do you get your brain to wake up?

My boys at West Quoddy last Fall

Along the same lines both my husband and oldest son were talking the other day about trying to learn.  If they don't focus their attention correctly then what they are studying becomes extremely difficult to understand.  This problem happens to Eli most often in Math.  He looks at the problem and suddenly cannot remember anything about numbers at all.  He is completely overwhelmed and even admits that his brain seems to be malfunctioning.  They both asked, "how do we get our brains to reengage in our work?"

According to Andrew Pudewa, thinking is a process that begins by asking yourself questions.  As he puts it, walking into a room and thinking, "oh this is nice" is not a way to engage your brain.  You must ask questions like, "what is this color called?" and "how could I make this room more interesting?"  

Thus our conclusion becomes, when you cannot seem to focus or think: start asking yourself questions.  With Eli, we encouraged him to ask himself some of the simplest questions about his math, slowly work his way up and as he does his brain will awaken. 

The Eastern most coast of Maine.  From our big boy adventure to West Quoddy last Fall.  This is what I do when I am not blogging regularly.

Is it working?  I don't know. I had at least 10 genius ideas yesterday that I wanted to share with you all, but now while I sit here, they are all lost.  I was hoping that thinking through this post would recharge my brain.  My brain is now full of thoughts, but not about yesterday's pondering moments.  So this is what you get.  I am sorry, but then I also hope that you have learned a little more about how to think.