26 February 2012


Two conversation I have had recently; both on the same day.

one conversation (at Dr's for well child checks):
(I will put my thoughts in parenthesis)

Dr: You have 5 boys which means that you are busy.  I hope that you have help, you know family and friends.  The support that you need each day.  Don't suffer in silence.  Get help if you need it.
Me: I have plenty of support and we have lots of family around, and the older boys help too (Of course I am busy, but I am not incompetent.  I don't need you to remind me of one and assume that I am the other).
Dr: How old are your other boys?
Me: 6 and 7 
Dr:  So you homeschool?
Me: yes
Dr: What do you do about socialization?
Me:  (I hate this question, can he think of nothing more original to ask me about homeschooling?? Man, everyone I meet asks this question.  It seems to be the only question people ask about the matter. Why?)  Well, we are part of a great church, and the boys are active with other kids in AWANA and SMASH.  Which are two great......... etc, etc, etc.

I know, sometimes my thoughts can be cranky.  It happens when you have been sitting in a Dr's office for 1.2 hours answering the same questions about your children's ability to draw circles and recognize colors.  

Second conversation (later that evening while taking Siah on a date):

A lady in line at the book store:  So you are on a date?
Me: yes,  we try to make it a point to take each boy on a date every so often.  The boys really enjoy it and my husband and I enjoy taking turns having some one-on-one time.
Lady: So... do you homeschool your boys?
Me:  may I ask you a question? what made you think that I homeschool my children?  (Nothing that we had been talking about even hinted at that).
Lady:  I don't know, it just seemed logical that you would be a homeschooling mom.  I have often thought about homeschooling too.
Me:  Well,  yes, I do homeschool.  It fits well with our family.  (our hot cocoa's were ready so our conversation was over)
Lady:  enjoy the rest of your date.
Me:  thank you, have a good quiet evening (she was having a quiet book store time by herself)

Odd really,  both of these conversations struck me as odd.  I have answered one of the questions they sparked and not been able to answer the second.  Maybe you can help me.

1.  When someone asks me about socialization;  I am not going to answer, but rather ask them in return if they have personally seen socialization as a problem with homeschooled students. (This would work well with a Dr.  as they see lots of kids.)  I myself, have been involved with homeschoolers one way or another for almost 20 years and have never seen this apparent lack.

2.  What sort of vibe do I give off that screams "I home school my children!"?  Alas, I still haven't answered this one and would welcome  your hypotheses.

23 February 2012

The View from the Floor

This is what Matthias sees... every... single... day... of... his... life...

Can a Boy be so loved?  Poor kid.

15 February 2012

Chillin' in the Tavern

After you are finished taking in the beautiful simplicity of this photo go over to www.maineshakespeare.com  to make your reservations for the upcoming play "Much Ado About Nothing" to be played by SMASH in Cumston Hall, Monmouth.