28 September 2012

Religion & Politics: part 1

It has been a long time since I have posted anything offensive.  Which, by the way,  leads me to remember that I was told this week that as Americans we have the right to offend others, but not the right to not be offended.  So here is me exercising my right.  Unless of course you read this with an open heart and see that I am writing from my heart.  Truly, I struggle with this topic.  I desire so much for others to see this simple fact:  That God loved us while we were sinners and sent His son (Jesus) to die for our sins so that we may have life and have it abundantly!   This reality brings tears of thankfulness to my eyes for myself and my children,  and tears of sadness for all of the people that refuse to acknowledge their need.   So without further ado, I give you my thoughts:

I am sick and tired of being labeled as hateful because of being a Christian.  I read over and over how those who oppose sin are hateful towards the sinners.  Yet, I have not found one example where a Christian was arrested for a hate crime.  Mind you, plenty of non-Christians have been arrested for hate crimes.  Christians make great scapegoats as we believe in showing love to others.  We are told by Jesus to overcome evil with good, and that God alone is good.  So we try, not always successfully, to love our neighbors.  Don’t label me as hateful because I think that a murderer should not kill, and that a liar should be told not to lie, and a man should be told that homosexual acts are wrong.  God judges ALL sin.  If I hate my neighbor then I am guilty, but I know to repent and turn to Jesus and ask for forgiveness.  

If God judges all sin.  Then it is in our best interest to repent of our sin and ask for His forgiveness.  If our neighbor is engaging in sin whether it be murder, lying, stealing, or homosexual acts then the best thing that we can do for them, as a human, is tell them what they must do to receive forgiveness and escape the wrath of God and the torment of hell.  You might say that me pointing out someone’s need for forgiveness is hate speech, but how can me trying to help my neighbor escape the wrath of God be hateful to them?  The worst thing I can do is let them think that they will not be judged for their sins by the all powerful God.  That is truly hateful.  

How are they to know that they need forgiveness if we don’t tell them, and how are they to know to repent and ask for forgiveness if they don’t know that their actions are sinful?  

God gives to all freely who come to Him to ask and ask with a pure heart.  Is your heart pure?  How are you to know if your heart is pure if you don’t know what isn’t?  

23 September 2012

Adios Verano

Summer is coming to an end.  Last weekend the air was crisp, moist, and clear so Tyler and I decided to have a campfire out on the pit.  The boys had a wonderful time.  We used up the s'more supplies, and the last of our 3 FOOT sparklers in an impromptu farewell to Summer party.  So with all of the hullaballoo we Smith's can muster:  Farewell Summer Farewell...

19 September 2012

The Smell of Apple Season!

I love Fall.  I especially love the smell of the crisp apples and the warm inviting scent of cooked applesauce.  This week the boys and I bought 4 bushels of apples at the local orchard.  In case you didn't know, we do have 6 apple trees, but they have a few more years until they start producing fruit.  So until then,  we are still at the mercy of the local orchards.  Which is fine, although a bit pricey. 

On Monday,  we cooked 2 and a half bushels of apples into the smoothest, sweetest smelling, most delicious applesauce that you have ever seen.  The day was a complete success with the canning of 18 quarts and 44 pints of applesauce for our pantry.  And just to show how good Eli and Siah are, we also did a batch of blueberry preserves.  Why not?  The canner was all hot and ready for them.  

A house full of little boys can be very stressful, loud, and busy, and in fact, is normally so.  But then,  we have a day where everyone works well.  They play well together;  they are focused on their tasks whether school related or not.  Although these days don't come often.  I am very glad for them.  They are truly a gift from the Lord, and applesauce day this year was a day that I will cherish over and over.  Every time I eat some  applesauce I will remember how diligently my men worked to produce the delectable dish.

What are we going to do with the last bushel and a half of apples you may ask?  Of course we will eat some, but then come on over this Saturday afternoon and you will be treated to a fresh glass of apple cider!  

06 September 2012

Matthias' Birthday Bash

Traditionally,  we have hosted a large get-together to celebrate each of our children's first birthdays.  Matthias' was no different as we all prepared to have a large birthday bash that included frisbee golf, a campfire, lots of great food, and sparklers.  The turnout was good and Matthias had fun hanging with everyone and being as cute as any one-year-old can be.

Matthias sat in nana Lisa's lap to eat his birthday carrot cake.  He did an excellent job of getting it on himself and her.

We had sparklers for the kids to play with after dark.  They seemed to have a good time and nobody got hurt.  That equals success in our books.

The day after the party Matthias opened his birthday gifts. 

Overall Matthias' birthday weekend was a huge success!  Thank you to all of our friends and family who were able to come celebrate with us.