22 May 2012

Few & Far Between

Something my family lacks.... little girls.  For the past 5 years I have had 2 nieces on different sides of the family, one of which we never ever saw.  Thanks to my brother and his little wife we now have 3.  The boys are equally as excited to have a new female cousin.  I think they are planning on turning her into a tomboy!

She certainly has the fingers to be a pianist and the legs to be a basketball player. 

P.S.  I would share her beautiful name with you, but I haven't checked with her parents to see if I can put that information into the great wide web.  Sorry.

17 May 2012


I make a huge assumption when I say this, but I do believe it to be true:  Nobody wants to read about someone else's bad experience on a blog.  So, with that little info bite I am going to share with you something horrific that happened to us this week.  However, I am going to make it very short and very vague, and am only sharing it so that I don't have to verbally let everyone that I know about it every time that I see them.  I guess I would rather put this behind me in the quickest way possible and try to learn and overcome this experience.  So, now you are probably wondering:  What happened already you freak lady? 

On Monday morning at 1:30 AM a raccoon, that is supposed to be rabid because of the appearance of porcupine quills on his nose, broke into our goat pen.  The end result is a hefty vet bill, a Dr. bill for Tyler and I, but especially Tyler as he now has to get a rabies vaccine, and a very sad houseful of people.  The CDC, animal control officer, and game warden all told us to not worry about the coon because it would probably die in a few days anyway.  But honestly, how can I not be jumpy now knowing what harm has already been afflicted to our family.  

If you pray to the great I AM, the God who both created the world and continues to hold it in His hand.  Please pray for our healing and that we can learn from this and move forward.  

P.S.  Amanda has a little nubian coming to join us in June, and we will have the shed completely coon proof by then, but unless we find another little Alpine to join her she is going to be stuck housing with a dog.  If you know of anyone who might have a little doe for sale please let me know.  Thank you.

11 May 2012

Spring Adventures

Tyler & Eli created a boat out of an old computer fan and a foam tray.  The extensive rain gave us a mini lake and a chance to try it out. It worked really well!

Matthias started to sit up, roll around the floor, and eat rice krispies, yum!

You already know we hiked Kineo.  But we also have been able to visit with two of the loveliest ladies you could ever hope to meet.  Sara, soon to be Dr. Sara, is a gem and adored by all of the boys. 

Liz has recently returned from London, and my boys are as comfortable with her as someone they have seen every day of their lives.  She is an amazing lady, and I am thankful for this time we have with her.  

Do you know that this is?  It is a moose antler that we found while off-roading up North.  Well, we couldn't go to Kineo and not do a little fun driving on the way out of the woods.  It just wouldn't be right.

08 May 2012

A Summer of Hiking

Two reasons for a Summer of hiking spring to mind; Both of which are valid and deserve equal treatment.
1.  Exercise.  I am not hesitant to share that I still have about 10 lbs to lose from my last pregnancy and desire to both lose it and get myself into better physical condition.

2.  As Matthias is still nursing and therefore unable to be away from me for an extended period of time.  Camping, long traveling, and other Summer adventures are not on the radar for this year.  In the spirit of simplicity, it is easier to declare this a season of hiking and have fun with it. 

Tyler and I are hoping to backpack Bigelow Mountain this fall when Matthias is old enough to be left and in preparation for that, along with the reasons stated above, we are planning at least 1 official hike a month.  It doesn't sound like a lot, but for a large family with a huge to-do list, spending one out of every four Saturdays on something joyous and not at all related to the homestead is a lot.  Not to mention that in May and June we have at least 4 Saturdays already claimed for events.  

Anyway,  starting out our Summer hikes was a pleasant early trip up North to Mount Kineo.  Tyler and I had never hiked Kineo and, to be honest, it wasn't on our radar for this year.  But the early Spring brought   a perfect time to conquer this sleeping giant. Plus, John invited us to join a small group going.  After 4 hours of driving, in which we stopped to feed the baby, get gas, pick someone up....  we arrived at our destination.  It was a fabulous hike in which Tyler and I shared carrying Matthias and others in the group helped us with Eli, Si, and Drew.  The boys did a wonderful job, the views were magnificent, and the company sublime.  I can barely contain my excitement to do another hike.  Won't you join us?  

Next up:
Little Squaw Mountain.
2 June

04 May 2012

Ready for This?

For the past couple of years my friend Amanda and I have spent time scheming on how we could possibly get some dairy goats.  Tyler wasn't too interested, and then suddenly, he was.  But then we had a house to sell, a field to clear, a shed to build, a house to build etc... you get the idea.  

Last week while Tyler was on vacation he started building what will become our goat shed.  It is now at the point where it needs to be sheathed and roofed.  The roofing has been ordered and as soon as it stops raining I will be able to finish the sheathing.  We also have a guy lined up to come clear the field of stumps.  Not that goats mind the stumps, but we don't want the fencing to be in the way of clearing the field.  

With the plans underway and Spring upon us.  Amanda and I set out to find us some goats.  As it turns out I found 2 alpines in Augusta that, well, I bought.  We are obviously not completely ready for goats, but they seem happy in their makeshift housing and I haven't heard any complaints about not having a fenced in area yet.  Thankfully,  Amanda was smarter, and bought a goat that won't be able to come home until June.  It also happens to be the cutest little Nubian goat that I have ever seen.  

Now that the prelude is complete, I would like to introduce to you Jersey and Rachel.  Jersey is the black and white goat.  She eats like a pig and is more friendly than a puppy.  Rachel is the brown goat who not only looks like a deer, but also eats like one.  They are off to a good start as I have already had to stop them from chewing on my rose bush, strawberry plants, and grape vines.  Ahhh, the adventures to come.