26 November 2013

Dancing Fools

Some people can dance.  Some people cannot.  Some attempt to learn, others are gifted, others are cursed.  I don't know why this happens, but it does.

Most of my boys are especially good at dancing.  Probably because we have danced with them since they were born.  Eli, for example, is a good dancer when he wants to be.  It doesn't come naturally for him, but he still can dance when he tries.  Matthias, on the other hand, is naturally a world class dancer.

Here is my proof.  Eli obviously wasn't in the mood for dancing so he defaulted to his normal craziness.  Matthias is always in the mood to dance.

13 November 2013

Where are You?

I am not lost.
Sometimes I feel like it
If you still read my blog then you feel it to,
but I am not lost.

Tonight, Tyler kicked me out of the kitchen so that I could stop.
Stop cleaning, putting the kids to bed, prepping for school, writing, prepping Classical Conversations.
Stop fretting, cleaning, and trying to do everything.
So I stopped.

Above me I hear
Tyler reading to my littles.
He says, "This looks like a girls book"
"It is," They say, "but it is fun"

The boys are excited
They grunt, laugh, and make baby ooup sounds
They like Norma Jean Jumping Bean
I like them

I have not forgotten you all
I will come back when I have
another night
to stop.