29 July 2012


A boy's first Oreo is a momentous occasion.

Matthias is the cleanest Oreo eater ever!

25 July 2012

Politics and Race

The Presidential election is coming up and the hype involved reminds me of what a Jester before the king must have looked like.  The media is beyond annoying.  I think the main problem that I have with them is that they speak as though they have authority to make their opinions fact and in the process make themselves look like fools.  They have a hard job this Summer though as their once perfect candidate of a President is obviously far from it, and their old tactics just aren't working.  The writing is on the wall that in 2008 so many Americans were so excited to be a part of History by electing the first black President that they didn't pay attention to what he stood for.  That illusion is now over, and we can all move onto trying to find someone who can actually do the job with respect.  In 2008, my comments would have been pinned as racist, but no more.  Calling someone racist just to try to make their point invalid is a low tactic and can be reversed in the blink of an eye.  Let me illustrate this idea for you with a few  examples.  Maybe by the end you will see that the Liberal politicians are more racist than your average conservative.

Conservatives (like myself) are pinned as racist for not endorsing a black President who is pro-death, pro big government, and wants to sanctify gay marriages (even though he isn't even Christian, and has no right to claim that he can sanctify anything.  Someone should tell him that isn't the President's job, but God's).  The truth is it doesn't matter if the President is black, asian, caucasian, native american or any other race.  The guy could be a Norseman like myself and I still wouldn't stand by a baby killing, freedom eliminating tyrant of a President.

The fact is that almost any conversation can be turned into a racial issue.  "oh you are pro abortion?  Did you realize that the majority of abortions are performed on black ladies?  So supporting abortion actually makes you racist because you advocate the killing of black babies."  Even something as simple as shopping can turn racist.  "You don't buy clothes made in China?  What kind of a racist freak are you to not like the Chinese?  I have never heard of someone so racist"  How about the political activists who act as though the whites of American owe something to the descendants of former slaves?  You're kidding right?  That is so racist I shouldn't even need to show you an example.  "What you mean you want everyone, including non-whites, to help pay for programs that would focus on trying to make up for slavery?  But you don't want to make programs to give "back payments" to the asians who built the railroad or the families that had children working in factories or even the Jews who were persecuted in WWII?  What kind of a racist would advocate a benefit for one race that suffered hardships and not for the others?"

The point is, when discussing Politics this Summer and Fall either get over the race card and realize that when someone uses it it is because they have nothing intelligent to add to the conversation.  Don't use it, and if someone uses it on you, either act like they must be joking, or hey use it back on them if you are so inclined.

03 July 2012


Our newest additions to the Smith household....

Jersey Rae, an Alpine,  is the newest as she arrived to our "farm" a whole day later than our other little goat girls.  She immediately set herself up as herd queen and walks around as one.  When Tyler or I go into the pen she likes to make sure that we understand that although she is queen, she has a great amount of respect for us as her humans.  I don't know who taught her about respecting authority,  but they did a good job.  She demands respect of her herd and gives respect where it is due.

Tilly Mae, the Nubian, is Amanda's little girl.  She was commonly called a "moose", by her previous owner as she is very solid and eats well.   Tilly has been wonderful in helping us become more sensitive to others and their discomfort in changes.  If it wasn't for miss Tilly Mae we would never have learned to be  considerate of others while they go through some life changes.  What a great lesson that I am sure she will repeat every time something new happens on the farm.  I don't even want to imagine what she will be like in labor; I guess we will cross that bridge when we get to it.   Tilly continues to gain more confidence every day and as a result is quickly becoming one of the most loving and friendly goats (as long as she knows you).  

Ginny Mae is a little sister to Tilly in more ways than one.  She is younger than Tilly and as such much smaller, cuter, and spoiled like crazy.  She can fit through the fence and regularly visits us when we are outside.  So far her journeys with us have included everything from hanging on the swing set to hiking Mt. Pisgah.  Where she promptly won the hearts of every hiker on the mountain.  With her spots and tiny rambunctious body who can blame them?  She is unfairly called the best goat,  especially since I have to keep pulling her out of the rosebush.  Tyler has labeled her our little spitfire,  which I couldn't agree with more. 

So there you have it... the second beginning of our little family farm adventure ( the guineas don't count).  It has definitely been an interesting adventure,  but we are all glad to be here.  Even Tyler said the other day, " I am glad that we have goats."