26 October 2011

"Can I Paint?"

The cry of the day was... "Can I paint?"  So, attempting to be a good mom and not say no again.  I cleared the room of everything, even the floor was just plywood.  I thought, "there is nothing in this room they can mess up."  Then... I let them paint. 

this outlet looks a lot better than the other 2 painted ones.  I actually kind of think we should now do them all like this.  Doesn't the outlet man look surprised!?

It was a stressful, hectic, kind of day, but the room got painted;  along with 3 of the 4 outlets, part of a window and heating unit, and even part of the bathroom wall (from cleaning up I guess?).  The next time "can I paint?" comes up, I think we will stick with paper, watercolors, and lots and lots of newspaper.

17 October 2011

Any Given Afternoon

Now that we are a little settled into our home.  This is what my bedroom looks like on any given afternoon. 

14 October 2011

Siah-lopolis the Italian Football Player

A couple of years ago Tyler nicknamed Josiah "Siah-lopolis the Italian football player", and with Siah's long curly blond hair, and short stick like build he looked the part.  This fall Josiah has had a chance to show his skills as an Italian football player.  Unfortunately, Josiah's skill of not paying attention has made its way into the active sport.  While everyone is running after this small ball, Siah looks like a man lost in a field looking for a place to go.  While he sometimes does in fact run for the ball, he mostly spends his time looking around and wandering aimlessly around the field.  He reminds me of a certain young boy I once knew who used to sit down and play with the flowers in the outfield.  I guess that is what I get for naming my son after that flower picking boy.

Elijah the Goalie making a great save!

Elijah is also playing Soccer with Josiah and although he pays better attention and is a great goalie: He is no (insert famous football player name here).  With that said, both Eli and Si have enjoyed playing and not playing Soccer this fall.  Maybe, just maybe,  they will want to do it again next year and help nourish those wonderful sport skills.

Josiah paying attention to the ball, but not running.

09 October 2011

An Explosion of Color!

Painting the kitchen.  The ceiling beams, wall sconces, and lone shiplap wall have earned my kitchen the term "Smith's Tavern".  I like it!

The upstairs hallway is a blue-grey wall.  It changes from blue to grey depending on the lighting and is accented by the brandied pears color.  (fact:  The brandied pears color is what ties my house together.  You can find it in almost every room and it goes well with every color we chose)

Elijah and Josiah's room is a nautical harbor blue with a very large magnetic chalkboard.  The boys have great plans for their room and I will share all that we do to make it especially theirs when the time comes.

The view looking out of the laundry room in to the hall.  That yellow is not that canary yellow, but rather looks more like the representation in the picture below.

Looking into the laundry room from the hall.  The laundry room doubles as the boys' water closet.

A very messy Master bedroom looking into the bathroom.  The walls are a country green.  Please be advised that my room does NOT look like that anymore.  I have organized it, because having an unfinished house is no excuse to be a slob.

Andrew and Caleb's room is the brandied pears color with a couple of brown accent walls.  It is hard to see, but can you make out the light fixture?

The beautiful hallway.

I will obviously post more pictures of the rooms as they are finished, and the main floor painting is just getting underway so stay tuned for those pictures too!