20 May 2008

Blueberry Fields Forever

When Tyler and I first bought this land we were astounded at the many blueberry bushes that were scattered throughout the woods. Not much has changed in the past 4 years. We have tried to control them a little, in fact, if you can see in the picture we have a nice little blueberry patch going on. When we first saw this piece of land it was largely shaded by multiple pine trees that were HUGE! Actually, you can see the stumps and they are massive. One of the first things that we did was have these cut down, and each year we have spent time cutting the saplings back. Now, 4 years later the blueberry bushes have found a home. It isn't quite as large as they would like I think because behind those trees there are a lot more bushes and even right behind our house in amongst the trees they are everywhere. Needless to say, one of the first things that our boys have learned is how to recognize a blueberry bush so that they aren't eating any berries they find outside.

What future plans do we have for these bushes?
Well, we want to extend this little patch into a field of blueberries. Slowly we will work towards this goal by cutting down the trees and allowing the bushes to take over. This is only about a 1 acre area, but I am very excited to have a hillside of blueberries. I look forward to hearing bees pollinate our crop, and I am anxious to see some fruit trees lining one side. Tyler and I have huge plans for this land, and I know that the Lord has blessed us in this pursuit. This land was a gift from God, and the fact that it is covered with blueberries is a wonderful bonus. Now if I could just find someone to help me clear my backyard and plant some grass we would be well on our way to having a sunny spot in the middle of these woods.

13 May 2008

Ode to the Whoopie

I love whoopie pies! I cannot fathom a more wonderful dessert than two thick, soft, round pieces of cake surrounding a most wonderful creamy filling. Oh boston creme donuts are nice, and eclairs are yummy. But there is just something about whoopie pies that makes me want to eat them day and night. You can never have enough. I am almost embarassed to say that in high school while I was working at a mom and pop pizza joint I would consume one of these delicious desserts almost every other day. In fact, if you think about it, they aren't much different than donuts; I have had one for breakfast. Nothing starts your day out right more than a breakfast of whoopie and chocolate milk. Well, that was before I had children and I could afford to eat stuff like that everyday.

Everyday for the past few weeks I have thought about these delicious delights and because of my lack of car was always a little dissapointed that they didn't just appear in my house. As a result, a couple of weeks ago I decided to make some. Now, making whoopie pies is a real art. I myself have been making them for years. It all started when my good friend Chelsey Turcotte was, oh I don't know, probably 6 years old. One Christmas for the annual party we decided to make mini whoopie pies together. We got together and made the cutest little whoopie pies with green filling and they were a huge hit. Now Chelsey is a senior in High School and we have not missed a year yet. Every year on the Saturday of the party we get together and make about 30 mini whoopies with purple, green, red, or even aqua colored frosting. I would say that by now we are experts in the whoopie making business.

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I got to thinking "I am so craving a whoopie, and I know how to make them, why don't I just do it?" So one morning I pulled the boys into the kitchen and we spent some time making some of the most wonderful whoopie pies ever. I think that our batch yielded 8 whoopies in all, and let me tell you I think that I ate 4 of them. Not in one day though. They were some yummy. In fact, Tyler told me that they were the best whoopies he has ever had (he's biased). I must say though, compared to Isamax Snacks, our whoopie was just as good, and our filling was downright close. We definitely beat those bakeries in Lewiston and their sad excuse for a whoopie pie.

So now that I am really wanting a whoopie I will say goodbye so that I can go scope out the kitchen. Ahhh, but I don't feel like cooking. Maybe I can get Tyler to pick me up one on his way home. If any of you wants to have a whoopie pie making contest just let me know, I would be happy to be a judge.

05 May 2008


Fishing always seemed a little boring to me when I was a child. Nobody in my family seemed the least bit interested in trying to catch a fish with a long stick and a string. For some reason I was the odd one out. I wanted to learn to fish and enjoy it. My dad took pity on me a few times and took me fishing, but I never learned anything about the type of lures and such. One time we caught a trout (from a stocked pond) and my dad taught us how to cut it up so that we could cook it and eat it.
Slowly fishing lost its appeal for me. At first, I thought that it was because I found it boring, but now I realize that it is because I was surrounded by people who thought that it was a waste of time. As a result, I was often put down for my fishing ventures, either by myself or by the person I dragged fishing.

Time passed and I met a young man who enjoyed fishing. He wasn't one of those fanatics that you meet who gets up at 5 AM to go fish for trout for breakfast. He was more of a sportsman who enjoyed the outdoors and enjoyed spending some time trying to catch a fish, and if he did catch one he threw it back. I guess you can say fishing wasn't a be all and end all of any one of his ventures. If he fished it was ussually because he was camping, or hiking by a stream or lake. It was a fun thing to do while in the midst of doing something else. I like this concept and I think that if we look at fishing this way it can be a lot of fun. So I married him and he has taken me fishing every year (except last year for some reason) that we have been married. I suppose that is only half true. He has taken me camping, hiking, canoeing and in the process we have fished. I must say I like to fish now, it is no longer boring and I don't bother going with people who find it boring. They just don't see the excitement in being quiet and noticing life happen around you. I have seen such incredible animals while trying to fish that I can't help but be excited for my next adventure.

Tyler and I have tried to instill this in our three boys. I love having boys partly because I feel more justified in spending a morning walking by Lake Auburn and getting a little fishing in. I must admit though, if we had a daughter she would come fishing with us too. Both Elijah and Josiah have acquired their very own fishing poles this year, and we have been spending time practicing our casting ability off of the deck. This past weekend was the first time that they have casted anything into the water. Other than the rain and coldness of the adventure I think that it was a success for our family's very first real fishing adventure. We didn't catch any fish, but I am kind of glad. A part of me feels that if we had caught something the boys would come to expect that, and I want them to enjoy fishing for so much more than just the catching of a fish.

Elijah's very first catch ever! In case you cannot see it: It is a small, skinny, very wet leaf. What a catch!