19 March 2013

A Very Happy Boy

Each year instead of a birthday party we let the boys choose one fun activity.  We have done everything from picnics and movies to bowling and rock climbing.  This year, however, when contemplating Eli's birthday we decided that we would choose FOR him.  What does a nine year old want to do more than almost anything?  Fly in a plane.  

On Elijah's ninth birthday he went on an adventure with dad.  The day started and ended with a ride in a little cessna plane from Augusta to Boston.  Sandwiched between the flights was a day exploring the Museum of Science in the heart of Boston.  Riding the T, lunch at the cafe, and learning how exhibits work were all highlights of Eli's day.  The best of the best though?  Getting to ride in the copilot's seat all the way back to Maine.  What a ride!

Happy Birthday Elijah!

02 March 2013

Scenes From SMASH

Some of the best scenes from a Shakespeare play are direct results of the actors understanding the play so well that they add humorous elements and fun movements. All of the music in "As You Like It" is given in lyrics, but the kids had to create the music.  Not only did they do a fantastic job, but they also went above and beyond.  Here are two scenes which show you what I am talking about.

The most famous "STOMP" scene:

The "Forest of Arden" as a "character" in the play: