29 July 2010

A look back

Today, I spent 5 minutes reading all of my postings for March 2009. I mourn the fact that I have not been able to blog as much this year. Unfortunately, I don't know if it is lack of time as much as it may be lack of information. I despise that I haven't read a good biography lately. All of my time seems to be confined to raising educated children, planting a garden, and trying to sell a house. I miss that girl of 2009 and I hope that I can get her back. I think that I need to carry a recorder so that I can record my thoughts when I have them while outside working or downstairs purging this house of a despicable mess!

But right now, I am tired and going back to sleep...

21 July 2010

A Future For Christian Men in the Military?

I have been raising my boys to be men.  One day they will each wake up realizing that finally: “I am a man”.   Little by little they will step out of their mother’s arms and into the company of men.  Like all mothers I am very much aware of this transition and have been reflecting on it even now when they are all still small.  As I muse of this World and this country and their futures I am not naive to the fact that I may have some military men.  I see this possibility growing each day with the decline our Christian Nation.  My boys are being raised to find honor in defending women, children, and fellow men.  They will fight with courage, either in the trenches, planes, or even in an office.  

In light of these thoughts I find myself incredibly interested in anything related to the military.  Today, I read about our current administration’s desire to repeal a piece of legislature that President Clinton worked hard to create.  I admit, I am grieved by this change.  I look at all that I am preparing my boys for as possible military men and I don’t see how I could prepare them for this change.  Alas, I do not know how to teach my son that as a Christian in the military he would be seen as a second class citizen.  Fighting for Christ would be a must, and I feel sorry for any man who assumes that my sons will not defend the Lord.  

 No mother wants her son to be placed in the position of helplessness that fighting a war can lead to.  But to start in that position before the war; is something I will never be able to prepare myself or my boys for.  I think maybe, if the government continues to fight against Christianity, my boys will need to fight this battle from a different front.  

Alas, Captain Eli, Lieutenant Josiah, Sergeant Andrew, and Private Caleb may never hold those titles in this present military, but they certainly will in the battle beyond.

"Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses."  
1 Timothy 6:12

"I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course, I have kept the faith." 
1 Timothy 4:7

20 July 2010

Picture Taking is Hard Work

I have discovered that it doesn't matter how old you are.  Attempting to take a decent photo with your siblings is difficult to say the least; impossible to say the most; and just downright ridiculous!

It would certainly help if a certain someone would stop cracking jokes!

I want to know how Joshua managed to look good in all of these photos. 

The oldest two of this group are always the hardest to get to sit still.

After an eternity, a half decent (maybe?) shot of the four big kids.
L - R: Christopher, Amy, Lori Ann, & Joshua.

07 July 2010

Hiking: My Love Hate Relationship

Elijah & Siah under "the rock", I seem to remember taking a similar picture of Mr. & Mrs. Edwards under this same rock.

I love hiking! But man do I hate hiking. It kills my knees and about halfway up a mountain I am always wondering why I talk myself into tormenting my body to climb a silly rock. After all, there are plenty of mountains I could just drive up, Mt Washington, Mt. Cadillac. They are everywhere!

Caleb had so much fun riding up the mountain, but he also wanted to hike; unfortunately he is just too small.

This Spring I convinced Tyler (who officially hates hiking now) to take us all to Tumbledown. When I say all, I mean ALL 6 of us. John (you can't keep him from hiking, Tyler's opposite) joined us, and to my wonderful surprise so didn't Samantha (my long lost twin sister!). I have never had so much fun hiking. Honestly! I went through my "I hate hiking" phase rather early. I don't know if it was because of the added 25 lbs on my back accelerating my rate to exhaustion and thus resulting in me entering the "survival" status long before the big "rock" or what. But what a fun time.

John and Samantha were great helps with the boys. Samantha helped Siah overcome the large rocks.

Interestingly at the base of the best mountain in Western Maine is a wonderful little hand written note: WARNING! Trail not suitable for dogs, kids, or unseasoned adults. Well, as it turns out we had a dog, lots of kids, and well, I didn't smell like seasoning so I would say at least I was unseasoned. Needless to say, it is a very good thing that three of us adults and 2 of the kids had hiked this same trail before. But it was certainly interesting to hear other hikers say to us "have you hiked this before" when they realized the extent of our party.

I think we have a tree hugger on our hands.

As it turns out, everyone thrived on this hike (even during the lemon squeeze): Elijah and Siah hiked the whole thing, Andrew hiked a little, and Caleb hiked none. I am glad that we hiked Tumbledown; especially for the boys. They loved it and hopefully we can keep Tyler hiking long enough for the boys to grow up loving the great outdoors!

One of the best parts of hiking is enjoying a good ole' Eli's soda at the bottom!