27 November 2009

A Summer Long Process

5 May 2009

16 May 2009

We had high hopes and plans this past Summer. It all started with planning a nice long vacation for Tyler. We had to-do lists, day trips, and 4 anxious boys. Then vacation started and 80% of the days rained, and rained, and rained hard. On the occasional day without rain everything around our house was soaked, and getting some of our listed items done (most of them outside projects) became impossible. As a result, the lists remained, the day trips were reduced, and the boys remained anxious. We were, however, able to put in a few good day trips to help everyone's sad mood. Why is this the topic of my blog today?

17 May 2009

2 June 2009
(3 weeks Pre-Vacation)

One of our list items was completing the shed. You may remember that last fall we had some trees cut from our property. We had taken some of those glorious Pines and milled them into enough lumber to build a nice large shed (actually we call it the barn it is so big). Unfortunately due to the rain the only part of the shed that received any attention during vacation week was the roof, that is, just the metal part of the roof the rafters were already completed.

8 August 2009
(3 weeks Post Vacation)

Now, Finally, 5 months later, the shed is complete and beautiful. It is truly a work of art. Tyler designed it, prepared the lumber, and built this wonderful new addition to our homestead. Isn't he amazing!

22 November 2009

16 November 2009

First Snowfall Magic

Despite long Winters in Maine, the magic of the first snowfall is a welcome sight every year.

Catching snowflakes proved difficult as the snow kept starting and stopping throughout the day.

12 November 2009

Bonfire... well, sort of.

We finally celebrated Caleb's first birthday in style. We invited everyone from our church and immediate family and created a huge pile of brush in preparation for the bonfire party of the year. So, what happened?

The scheduled date drew nearer and the weather forecast for light rain slowly turned into a consistent downpour weather prediction. Obviously, we enforced a rain date of one week from the original date. The following Saturday promised a beautiful fall day, it was gorgeous and warm.

Unfortunately, as are most Autumn days, it was windy. Too windy. No fire permits were issued for the day. I am not one to cancel a party over a little wind, so we still planned on having a mob of people come over. Tyler, Eli and Jed started the party off by starting to build the ever hoped for tree house, but the real fun started when we lit a small cooking fire in the pit. Despite the lack of a large fire to burn off our eyebrows we had a wonderful time. Most people still came, and I learned that the fellowship with the people I love is what makes a party a blast!

09 November 2009

Happy Birthday Josiah James!

Today is Josiah's fourth birthday. He started out his day with a birthday breakfast with daddy, and finished it with a wonderful dinner with family and chocolate cake. What a beautiful day to celebrate a birthday.

Happy Birthday Siahlopolis!

Siah in his birthday suit... it is a good thing it was warm today!

05 November 2009

Camera Tribute

I love my camera! I love that I have a manual setting and that I can take pictures like this....

What a way to capture the moment on one's first birthday!