16 August 2010

What God does with Broken Plans...

This year was going to be a big year.  Tyler and I were going to take Elijah up to the Allagash for his first river camping trip.  This was truly an exciting trip that both Eli and I were looking forward to.  Unfortunately,  our plans broke apart and we were not able to go.  The weekend of our trip was not a loss though.  We were still able to meet Kendra, and for the first 2 days, Ali, Josh, and my mom, were willing to take the little men as planned.  This gave Tyler and I the gift of spending some time with Eli, Eli, and nobody but Eli.  What a great couple of relaxing days we had with him.

I have found that each my children are amazing, especially when you receive the gift of one-on-one time.  We try to schedule time for this, but it doesn't always work out accordingly.  Eli is so funny, and he is now old enough to work alongside Tyler and I with a project or if we want to go for a walk.  We don't have to carry him either!!

I had such a great unique time, and I was reminded of one very important thing:  Having just one child all of the time would be very boring compared to having four.  So for now, I think that I shall stick with my four, and enjoy the occasional adventure with only one.

09 August 2010

Things I Never Thought I Would Have to Google

As a young lady I would often dream of what my future would hold. Even now I still dream and imagine what my future will hold with my many boys, large woods, and great friends. That is why, you can imagine, I am surprised to find myself saying things that I never thought I would say. Or better yet, googling something that never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would desire to know.

Things we mother's must find out on google:

1. How do I remove dry erase marker from wood and painted walls
2. How much sleep does a child really need
3. How much sleep does an adult lady surviving off of PB&J need
4. How to create something cool with a TP roll
5. What liquids count in regards to nutritional value
6. How to secure a bookshelf to a wall
7. Average dimensions for a 4-person bedroom
8. What noises are considered "white"
9. How to numb the area around a splinter, bee sting, bite, _______...
10. What books constitute grade level 1, 2, and 3 reading

Oh, I know, some make sense, some are weird, but all were necessary.  I am sure that all of you mothers out there have googled just as crazy things as I have.  Now if I could only get you to share...

02 August 2010

A New Friend

Caleb & Andrew driving the boat

I have found in recent years that I love meeting new people.  Especially new people that myself or my family seem to connect with instantly.  That is exactly what I have found in my new friend Kendra.  She is amazing!  Kendra is one of those people whom you meet and you just want to know more about.  Not only does she have incredible stories to tell about all of the great places that she has been, but she also loves Christ with her whole being and it shows!  What a blessing it was that when our trip to the Allagash was canceled we were still able to meet her in person and spend some time with our great sister.

Here she is convincing Eli to swim in the middle of the lake!

As most of our friends are subject to; Kendra was introduced to our home by 4 very excited boys.  They eagerly showed her their room, toys, and creations.  Kendra has a wonderful spirit and was incredibly gracious with the boys' enthusiasm.  Welcoming our new friend with a fire and a day out on my parent's boat was an adventure for all involved.  We cooked with our new pie iron, stayed up late talking, and even went tubing with the boys.  Needless to say, they had a blast, and I did too. Thank you Kendra for driving all the way up to Maine to meet us; we are so thankful for you and your friendship.

Kendra was such a great sport.  She even went on the tube with Andrew!

Kendra is in Africa this month working with some missionaries.  Please pray for her safety and that she will be a blessing to everyone she meets!

Elijah & Andrew loved tubing. Josiah, however, was not too keen on the adventure.

Our Friend:  The Maranacook Lake Bald Eagle.