19 April 2012

Kitchen Updates

Some March Kitchen updates that Tyler and I made progress on are helping my kitchen feel more like, well, a kitchen.  Hopefully, there will be more to come soon, but for now...

I am enjoying my new plate rack right where it belongs between the dishwasher and table.

Josiah and the boys love the kitchen island we got from Pastor Sam, and I love it too!  It is simply amazing what a well placed shelf, table, and built in microwave can do for a kitchen.

15 April 2012


Dyeing eggs is fun.  It doesn't matter whom you talk to.  Everyone loves dyeing Easter eggs.  My boys are no exception and are quickly becoming pros.  

We get our hands dirty in this house.  No egg dippers for us, no sir!

This is our attempt to get a family picture on Easter.  We attempted to get one at home before church, but part of my camera equipment is at a friend's house so it was not going to work.  Instead we harpooned a churchgoer into trying to take a decent picture.   

04 April 2012

A Maine Birthday

Andrew chose this year to go visit a lighthouse for his 5th birthday trip.  Well,  considering Maine weather I was a little concerned that it just might be too cold.  I guess I was thinking like an adult, because I completely blanked on the fact that God knew what Andrew wanted for his birthday.  Low and Behold Andrew's birthday weather was simply gorgeous!!  It was sunny, warm, and put the boys in danger of getting a sun burn.  We had a wonderful walk out to the breakwater light in Rockland and then topped it off with a  birthday lunch at the Pizza Hut!  

Look at that 5 year old boy with his new hiking bag.  He is so proud and can barely wait to use his bag on our hiking trips this Summer.  Happy Birthday Andrew Bear!!