28 August 2012

Bald Mountain

We had Isaac and Blake for a few days last week, and decided to take advantage of having a car by getting in one more hike before the start of the school year.   So the four biggest boys and I stole the car, and drove west until we found the perfect day hiking mountain... Bald Mountain (one of many in Maine). 

Bald Mountain is such a pleasant hike.  There was just enough breeze at the top to make me think that this would be a wonderful way to spend a day off (ha!).  Someday I will come back with a book and spend the  day reading a nice book at the top of this beautiful mountain. 

22 August 2012

Is One Still a Baby?

We had this conversation today that centered around whether a 1 yr old is still considered a baby.  Yesterday, I made the mistake of saying that Matthias was no longer a baby as he officially turned one. The boys agree with me, but don't tell that to his grandmother.  Apparently grandmas believe that babies are babies until well, until forever I suppose.  As always, I concede to grandparents and let them call my child a baby for as long as they like.

So I would like to introduce to you my son, Mathias Brian, whom is no longer a baby (unless you are talking to grammy).  

He is the cutest most amazing little 1 yr old that anyone has ever met.  On that, I do not concede.

03 August 2012

It's our Summer of Hiking!

We kept the fun going by hiking Borestone Mountain last Saturday.  It was a wonderful hike that proved to be perfect for families and friends alike.  The only downfall was the fact that it cost admission  to the tune of $16!  But the trails were well marked, overpriced snacks were for sale partway up the mountain, and we definitely got more than $16 worth of fun.

Andrew was the hiker of the day as he hiked almost the entire mountain himself.  A very steep top was seen as an obstacle to overcome and every step of the 4 miles with the exception of a few on the road at the bottom were taken by his little feet.

The courageous group of hikers.  We celebrated by taking a dip in Little Wilson Falls at the bottom of the mountain.