12 November 2010

2 Yr. Olds Have so much Fun!

Caleb loves the garage that Eli made for him.  Now he has a place to park his tractors!

Sometimes I think that I would like to be 2 again.  I watch Caleb play, run, laugh, and even cry, and I am envious of his freedom to have so much fun and express so much emotion over something.  Watching a person experience everything for the first time is one of the benefits of being a mom.  I love to see his excitement over something that he has never done.  If the boys are excited so is he.  

The Whoopie pies were a hit, as was the birthday hat.

We try to have some fun on birthdays around here.  Instead of one simple day we tend to draw out the celebration.   In a matter of one week Caleb had a small family gift time, the grandparents came over for cake and presents, and Tyler and I took him to Red Robin just the three of us.  He had no idea what to make of all of the ladies at Red Robin singing to him, and serving him ice cream.  

Grampa & Grammy bought him a rocking horse which has rocked its way right into the Neutral Zone.

Of all the things that his birthday might have been this year; I would say it was a year of Firsts for Caleb.  First embarrassing moment in a restaurant; first time actually blowing out candles, first year to have 4 different birthday celebrations, first year he turned 2...  

02 November 2010

Autumn Breezes

I love Autumn.  Obviously, if you have been reading my blog, you know that.  Tyler and I were hoping to steal a day away to go for a foliage drive.  We both love driving, orange leaves, mountains, and fall walks; so a day together foliage hunting is always a real treat.  Unfortunately, our own stubbornness with home projects prevented us from this journey.  We did, however, manage to get in a wonderful hike up Monument hill with the men to see the beautiful color laden hills in Leeds and Turner.

Eli climbs everything he can find these days.  He is quite the monkey!

Eli took this great photo of us.  He took a couple of great artistic ones, but this is my favorite.

My men all made it to the top!  

Caleb walked up, but needed to ride down.  His legs are just a little too short.