23 April 2013

If You Died Today

What would you regret not getting to do?

That is the question that I am thinking about today.  What is it that I want to do while here on this earth?  What am I supposed to do while here?

Christians may ask what we are called to do while here on earth, but what I am finding is that my calling in life is often shown through my deepest sense of loss if I go to heaven now.  Let's face it,  if you died today and went to heaven you aren't sad.  You are having the best time in your life, and you aren't regretting what you didn't do on earth.  However,  this line of questioning is a good way to be proactive while we are here on earth and may have the chance to reduce our list of regrets.  So here is my list.  It is short and sweet, because honestly,  I don't have a huge to do list from God while I am here.  It may be never ending, but it isn't overwhelming.

1. I wouldn't be here to raise my kids
2. I wouldn't be here to grow old with my husband
3. I wouldn't be able to help share the gospel with my neighbors in Maine, Africa, and beyond.
4. I wouldn't be able to help parents redefine how they educate their children

Now,  I shall take this list, compare it to our list of goals for our family (yes, we have those, and you should too!),  and redirect my steps.

What would your list look like?

13 April 2013

Exciting TImes

Lucy & Mattie Basking in the Sunshine

We have such exciting times here at the Smith house.  I used to tell people that we were busy, but now I just say to those who inquire of our wellbeing that everything is fairly normal.  Given this week did have a birthing goat, the starting of milking, and a funeral for a much beloved grandparent.  But you know, almost every week has something different in it.  So we are always busy, always doing something, and always ready to stop everything else for a new adventure.  This week, we spent a good amount of time outside with a goat in labor.  The weather was great, the company was superb, and everything was splendid!

Matthias awaiting the birth of Millie.

Navigating the woods.  

03 April 2013

Spring is Here

In my house, Andrew has the benefit of ushering in Spring with his birthday.  So every year, we celebrate Andrew's birthday with a gusto as we all have Spring fever. 

Spring brings bike riding.  Regardless of the amount of snow.  Actually the driveway was clear, but obviously Matthias was showing off his skills by riding in the snow.

Planting some spring bulbs indoors is a wonderful way to bring Spring to Maine a little early.  I loved how these came out and hope to do them every year now.  They always brought a smile to my face and were delightful to look at.