26 February 2010

The Extinction of Dinosaurs!

You may be surprised that I have spent a lot of time contemplating the extinction of the ever-powerful dinosaur. Was it glaciers? Meteors? Lack of Oxygen? Weather? or People? I am not part of the global warming religion so I obviously don't fall for that weather conspiracy surrounding the great lizards. With great honor, I share my epiphany:

I walked into the kitchen the other day to discover...

Yes, my four year old knows the secret, he knows that like all animals in this world: Dinosaurs were hunted down, shot, and tied to the front, back, and even tops of everyone's mode of transportation as some sort of trophy. Man was the problem. Just think about it, without all of these pesky men who like to display carcasses: We would all be living in peace waiting for the day a carnivoral monster would snatch old granny away while she chowed down on her buffalo chicken dino-burger!

Getting ready for the hunt!

19 February 2010

What is He Calling you to Do?

I was listening to this song last night and this is what it said. If your music has a beat... Wait!... wrong song.

This artist was expressing our desire as humans to please God and do something great for Him. I, like most of you, can completely connect with that feeling. I want to do something great for Jesus. Sometimes I look around my house and wonder if I wasted my time and money at college, or if I am wasting my degree now. I would like to propose that neither is true. The devil is the liar and he tries continually to push these lies into me, but I need to stay focused on the Truth. This I know: 1. God called me to go to school, He called me to work hard, study (sometimes), put my money, time and effort into obtaining a degree. 2. God called me to stay home with my children and put my blood, sweat and tears into raising these children to follow Him, revere Him, and desire Him in their lives.

I do not see a contradiction here. I know so many people who see a contradiction between these two things. I, honestly, do not know why I needed to go to college other than the fact that I was called to. I may, someday, find out. Some people, upon learning that I homeschool, comment on my qualifications to do so because of my education. What a bunch of hogwash! Some of the greatest teachers had far less education than even our public schools offer. So, I end this thought by saying I don't know why I am called to do these things. I do know that I, like the artist, want to do great things for God.

Am I doing great things for God now? My mind says that I am because I am following his call, but my mind also sees that my everyday activities are quite mundane and not great in the eyes of many Christians and non-Christians alike. After all, you don't see me traveling to Africa, or witnessing to a lot of people. Alas, I don't even see that many people. So my mind ended with this thought:

The world's wisdom does not count my work as great, but I know that since I have been called to do this work, then it is great indeed!

So I ask again, what work is God calling you to do, no matter how small it may seem?

07 February 2010

Something Beautiful!

It's the Child on Her Wedding Day
It's the Daddy that Gives Her Away
Something Beautiful!

It's a Voice that whispers my name
It's A Kiss without any shame
Something Beautiful!