30 November 2011


The turkey knocked out Matthias just as it does old men.

I realize that Thanksgiving has come and gone, but that is no reason for us to not continue to reflect on the Lord's blessings.  Especially as we journey closer to the celebration of the birth of His son.

Tyler and I started a new tradition on Thanksgiving this year.  Something that we hope to continue to do every year with our boys.  We started a thankfulness journal.  In this journal on Thanksgiving we write a list of events or memories that reflect that year and then we each state what we are thankful for.  I am excited that this journal is helping our boys to reflect on the Lord's blessings throughout the year instead of just in November, and also that as the years pass we can look in the journal to see how our family has grown.  

We went to Randy & Lisa's for Thanksgiving.  The sledding was great!

I thought that I would share this year's entry with you as I feel that it is simple and reflects how young the boys are.  I know that as they grow our entries in our journal will as well, both in thought and length.

24 November 2011
"Snow filled Thanksgiving"
2011 Recap

- winter skiing
- sold the ranch house - moved
- announcement of Matthias
- Easter on the lake
- Summer at Cochenewagon
- Tyler to Ghana
- House - building the colonial
- Popham beach
- visit to the van Achterbergs
- Sturbridge village
- birth of Matthias Brian
- move into house
- hiking Step falls

Doesn't Ansel look right at home here?

Tyler- " I am thankful for the birth of our fifth son, Matthias, whom fits so well into our wonderful family"

Eli - " I am thankful for days trips to Sturbridge, fairs, waterfalls, and wrestling with daddy."

Si - " I am thankful that we got to help build this house and that we got to move into this house.  And for the baby"

Drew - "that I have another birthday soon"

Caleb - "thankful that we got to go to a skiing place"

Lori - " I am thankful that the Lord gave our family the strength to endure a year of moving, pregnancy, living in a camp, building a house, labor, safe arrival of Matthias, and living in an unfinished house."

What's in  your thankfulness journal this year? 

18 November 2011

Look Who's 3!

Like Josiah; Caleb is incredibly tiny, so tiny, in fact, that a person would guess him to be 18 months maybe 2 yrs old.  Numbers don't lie, however, and on October 21st he turned a wonderfully prime 3.  Tipping the scales at 24 pounds and as short as ever he hasn't let those slow him down.  In fact, it is when he opens his mouth that you realize that he is much older than he looks.  It must have something to do with fall birthdays.  Regardless of the reason, it is a wonderful fact that Caleb is growing up to be a stubborn leader.  One day, I know his stubbornness will help him succeed, but right now, it makes our days a little challenging.  After all, who's in charge anyway? 

Grampy and Nana Lisa hosted his birthday get together this year as our house was still under construction.  The Smith clan all gathered to wish him luck in his fourth year.

07 November 2011

I'm Floored

Who knew that Tyler was so good at laying tile?  We sure didn't, not until he tried anyway.

Flooring and Cabinets.  That is what has been on my mind these past few weeks.  Let me tell you it is a whole lot easier to finish a house when you don't have to commute.  Course, having a clean well dusted place to come home to at night can be nice.  While Tyler and I have been frantically working on the floors  a crew of finish carpenters have been focusing on the exterior siding.  The only question now is... will we be done by Thursday?

I don't know.  But what I do know is that what we have gotten finished looks simply FABULOUS!!

Can you find Matthias?  He is helping mommy and daddy by being a good watcher.

Drew and Caleb love walking on the new floor.

We have had some great help with this house.  John especially has continued to help us with anything that needs to be done. 

 This is how the house was left in preparation for our big snow storm.  It looks good no?