30 March 2010

The Artistic 4 Yr Old

Once Upon a Time a four-year-old called by the name of Josiah James acquired the use of a camera...

You can imagine a mother's surprise when she imports her photos to discover 58 photos of corduroy, and 4 of a bottle. I suppose it does take quite a few shots to get that perfect 1!

22 March 2010

Hours of Fun on a Bike

It is amazing that year after year as the snow melts I turn my thoughts to the warm sun and the inevitable tuning of bicycles. This year, however, was a little different. Since I am greatly limited in my ability to be as free as a bird on a bike I didn't really think about the much appreciated sport. Then, my almost 6 yr old turned to me and said "mom, can I get my bike out!" What a revelation! My son is now old enough not only to ride his bike, but to acknowledge that with Spring comes the freedom to cruise on a bicycle!

As this has been an obviously early Spring and any snow forthcoming is not going to last long I granted the wonderful request. In the 63 degree weather my four sons spent a significant amount of time reacquainting themselves with those wonderful seats on wheels.

Bikes are not all play, just ask Eli, he constructed a way to grate the driveway and get some work done while playing in the sun.

The tricycle that we own has a seat on the back that is perfect for giving each other rides. As a result we have given it the name of "the taxi". It is fun to watch everyone take turns being the driver.

Andrew drove the taxi just long enough to declare it out of gas. Is there anything funnier than a 2 year old standing by a foot pedaled toy and expressing, in all upset seriousness, that it is out of gas?

06 March 2010

Winter Extraordinaire!

Is it not interesting that most people use the word "extraordinaire" to describe something bigger than life. Like a larger than normal winter. While a bigger and colder and snowier winter would be considered extraordinary; a smaller, warmer, and wetter winter is also extra-ordinary. Thus making it Extraordinaire!

Even with a extra-warm, extra-rain, and extra small winter we did manage to fit in a little snow fun this year. Most of which was in December with the new snow, but a couple of events took place in spite of the lack of snow and cold. In fact, some were made more fun by the fact that we weren't freezing like crazy while participating.

Take snow tubing for example. I had never been tubing and so I was personally looking forward to getting some time in this winter. Thankfully the tubing parks make their own snow, much like God does, and we were able to enjoy a wonderfully warm day on a large hill with hardly any wind and wonderful friends.

The second event took place just this past week. By some miracle we were blessed with 2 inches of wet snow. Perfect for building a snowman with. Promptly following church the boys and Tyler went outside and built everything they could think of before all of the white wonder melted away.

So there you have it, even with a smaller than life winter, much fun can still be had. For crying out loud this Winter was definitely a little more than ordinary!