27 March 2009

The Sin of Hypocrisy

It has become increasingly clear to me that I am now receiving more than 6 hours of sleep at night, and almost 5 of them are consecutive.  I know this to be true because my brain has started to once again branch beyond the basics.  No longer am I confined to eating, drinking, nursing and other necessities in life.  Now I can expand my mind by learning about politics, religion, philosophy, teaching methods, phonics. Not only am I able to do more now physically and mentally, but I find myself reflecting on more while doing some mindless activity like vacuuming.  I am also in the depths of reading large, thought provoking books. Narrative books like Amanda's recent find about China, and History books like my current affair: The biography of John Adams by David McCullough.  I know that I have mentioned this book in a prior post, but today I wanted to share something that I am learning about from the life of John and surprisingly also from the life of Thomas Jefferson.  

Hypocrisy.  I don't know about you, but I hate this word. I don't know if it is because we as humans hate to address this topic, or if it is just the spelling and pronunciation of this highly phonetic word.  Why I would even attempt at a blog post on this topic is beyond me.  Right from the start I would like to say that I, like most people, admit to having some hypocrisy in my life and acknowledge my need for Christ in purging it out.  I try vehemently to make myself transparent to everyone who knows me. What you see is what you get. Alas, I am human and cannot succeed 100% on anything that I do.  So with that disclosure I would like to continue my post on hypocrisy and what I have been learning regarding Adams and Jefferson. 

In your high school History class you probably learned about the American Revolution. You no doubt heard and discussed the two heroes Jefferson and Adams; and may have even seen that humorous and awesome musical 1776.  You may have even been taught that they were not alike in many of their beliefs. This is obvious on the surface as Adams was from New England, sacrificed himself constantly for his country, was poor, had no slaves, and abhorred debt: Jefferson, however, was from Virginia, was constantly in a state of trying to escape to his large home, rich, had over 200 slaves, and had tremendous debt.  They were both lovers of books, education and law. Adams studied law as a profession and one that he loved, while Jefferson studied law purely for recreation as he did not need a profession. Adams would go down in history as a man who spoke his mind, verbally and literally.  He would be recognized as a politician who lived like a farmer, yet could hold the attention of Kings.  Jefferson on the other hand lived like the rich estate owner that he was, and would go down in history as a hypocrite. 

Now, everyone has a little hypocrite living inside of them, but Jefferson let his flourish.  He continually spoke and wrote against debt, yet had tremendous debt himself. He wrote letters and documents that included multiple misgivings over slavery going so far as to say that it was wrong, and yet owned more slaves than the average Virginian of the day.  Sadly, Jefferson did not practice what he needed to change his heritage and his reputation.  Adams, on the contrary, spoke adamantly against both slaves and debt and had neither. He continually spoke about truths, and passed his heritage along to his sons.  I am learning that although people may be upset with me over my complete honesty as they were with Adams. It is better to go down in history as an honest person standing for what is right than for a hypocritical person standing for what is popular. 

May we all examine ourselves and ask God to help us purge ourselves of this common practice. Our heritage that we leave our children is too important to not practice what we preach. 

22 March 2009

Happy Birthday Andrew!


Today, Andrew is officially two years old.  We had some family over on Friday night to share our carrot cake in celebration of both Eli and Drew's birthdays.  We all had a wonderful time, at least I think so, I know I did.  Anyway, whereas Elijah knows exactly what he wants to do for his birthday (bowling), Andrew really doesn't quite understand birthdays yet. So Tyler and I are taking him out for a night on the town just the three of us. We figured he is the third boy which means he receives little one-on-one time with us; so we are going to give him some. 

Here are Andrew and Eli blowing out their candles on the cake. Elijah had one corner with 5 candles, and Andrew had the other corner with 2.  Even if Andrew still doesn't quite understand unwrapping gifts he definitely knows how to blow out a couple of measly candles. 

That cake sure is yummy!

Happy Birthday Andrew!!

18 March 2009

Happy Birthday Elijah!

Today is Elijah's fifth birthday and to celebrate we took him and his two good friends Jed, and Ethan, bowling...

Go to get Jed the excitement rises as Elijah and Ethan make silly faces in the back seat. 

Bowling shoes are an oddity to us all, but especially to those of us whom have never gone bowling before.

Little boys must examine everything and there is nothing quite like the mechanics of a working ball machine.  They never cease to entertain.

Bowling is hard work and  always calls for a good cup of gatorade during a long seventh box stretch.

Elijah had a wonderful time with his friends, but I must admit Tyler and I had a great time as well. Between Jed's jokes, and Ethan's brilliant negotiating skills used to acquire M & M's; we both determined that these boys could do a show.  Here is a little bit of narrative to give you an idea of what our afternoon looked like:

Ethan: Your name is Jed? What's your second name?
Jed: idiah

I laughed so hard I thought they were going to throw us out of the restaurant. So here's to birthdays and little 5 yr old boys with their incredible humor, logic and bowling abilities.

13 March 2009

Confessions of a Stay-At-Home Mom

1.  Countdown to naptime
2. Morning motivation = coffee
3. I use my large windows to keep an eye on boys outside
4. Loneliness becomes me
5. My children are the sweetest when they are sleeping
6. Bathtime: getting you closer to bedtime without trashing your house.
7. Cooking does not become me
8. A pepsi a day keeps depression away
9. It is not unusual to see my boys running laps around the house for exercise
10. I have a love-hate relationship with playdoh. I hate it stuck to my floor; I love how it entertains the boys.

11. We observe strict bedtimes
12. I love ladies' night out.
13. Moonsand and I are NOT on talking terms
14. I am not cut out for this job
15. Everyday is a battle between two thoughts: 1. I have got to get away from these kids 2. I am so glad that I am able to stay home with our boys.
16. I love having sons, and do not need a daughter
17. I see myself playing paintball fights in the woods
18. Boys camping weekend!! 
19. Hiking with my day pack is a dream for the future
20. I spend all day with these boys and still feel like I need a date night with each of them 

10 March 2009

Pro- Death Government

What makes our nation great? God amongst the people. Why should we pray for God to have compassion, and mercy on this nation? Because while the people with power may not repent, the citizens may. The citizens of this country are far greater than the government. 

Everyone is making a huge deal of President Obama's first 100 days in office. So far he has done a great job defining himself as the most anti-life (a right listed in our declaration of independence) President that this nation has ever had. Despite our lack of money he has decided to fund international abortions, and yesterday he decided to fund and allow scientific research on embryos (babies). All of this despite the scientific research that shows that embryonic stem cells have contributed nothing to the cure of diseases and all research related to them has failed to produce any credible reason for further use. 

I read an article this week from Christianity Today in which the author spoke on Obama's technique regarding the issue of abortion:
"The bad news is that Obama declares a false unity. He claims that all Americans share his goal "to prevent unintended pregnancies, reduce the need for abortion, and support women and families in the choices they make."  .....He assumes that we can all unite, as he said in his Roe anniversary comment, "to ensure that our daughters have the same rights and opportunities as our sons,' suggesting that abortion is not just a need, but a right. It's savvy rhetoric precisely because it is so subtle. It quietly isolates pro-life advocates while appealing to those who are tired of the abortion debate.

Obama is not the only politician on the bandwagon. Senators have reintroduced the Prevention First Act which on the surface seems to help reduce abortions, but actually promotes and funds abortions, and even requires hospitals to explicitly lie about emergency contraception. This strategy that he is using is very deceitful to the pro-life citizens because although we can relate with his desire to reduce abortions we must understand that by doing so we would be ostracizing anyone who supports the complete elimination of this murderous practice. 

Government control has been an interesting topic to consider lately as I am reading the biography of John Adams written by David McCullough. Among the many things that I have found interesting is the apparent contrast between Adams and Jefferson. One particular difference that I read about was Jefferson's desire to give the Senate more power and the President less, while in complete contrast Adams' concern over the Senate's ability to give itself power too easily. I have not quite decided with which one I stand, although I continually find myself agreeing with Adams on most other issues. What I have decided is the government in general has too much power and the people too little. 

With this last note, I would like to remind you to pray for the leaders and citizens of this country to be drawn to God through repentence, especially of this genocide called abortion, and to pray for God's merciful hand to be on His remnant that is currently spread throughout this great nation. For God alone can make this country great.

06 March 2009

Left Brain, Right Brain

Have you ever filled out a questionaire that reveals to you which side of the brain you are dominant in? I admit that I have not, but I know that I am a very logical and mathematical person which results in me being "left-brained". If you have done any of the readings on brains you find that the right side and the left side are very different from one another.  While one side is objective the other is subjective and so on. 

You can understand, then, how I would be slightly confused over Tyler's insistence that Elijah is very much like me.  Elijah seems to me to be a very right brained young man. He tends to see the whole picture, he is left- handed, and very artistic.  Like myself he loves to work with wood, but where I prefer the natural and simple look of wood, he desires to paint his project numerous bright colors. By the way, in case he hasn't told you, his favorite color is yellow. Yet in this right brained boy I see left brained characteristics emerge.  These traits are mostly his insistence on keeping things well ordered and logical. Which raises the question, is he "whole-brained"; or rather is he, in fact, "right-brained" and the so called "left" characteristics are environmental.  

Whether left or right, what truly matters in that he is learning to see himself as a follower of Jesus in this big and wonderful world.

03 March 2009

National Square Root Day

Today is National Square Root Day. I have no idea what that means. I don't know if we are supposed to rally together all math lovers and mourn over the irrationality of the square root of 2, or rejoice over the incredible characteristics of the perfectly square 144.  Whatever we are supposed to do to celebrate today is completely lost on me in light of the reason for today being the first square root day since 2004. As I am sure that you know, square root days come seldom. The next one will not be until 2016, and in fact there will only be 9 of these days in the next century.  Now, I love numbers, and I enjoy math and some good honest 1040 filing. But man, the logic that went behind  3/3/09, is rather disturbing. In fact, I am almost insulted that they have created such a day.  Do you dare to ask why?

Whether you ask or not, I will tell you. In my above example, today is square root day because 3 x 3=9.  Isn't that clever? What the creator of such a holiday has failed to mention is that he* truncated the year. So that instead of the year being represented as 2009, which it is, it is in fact labeled as 09. Does anyone else find this misleading? We have no idea what Century it is, and in fact this exact same day occurred in 1909. Interesting. 

I would like to propose that we do not continue to do the lazy thing, but instead openly embrace the entire year and if you would like to celebrate square root day then do it on an appropriate date. For example, February 14th of the year 2025 is the 45th day of that year. the square root of 2025 is in fact 45.  Thus, that lovely day should be a square root celebration. (note: our original creator will also celebrate square root day in 2025, but alas it will be on May 5th). Following this wonderful example we can see that the last true square root day was in fact in the year 1936 and was on February 13th. As you can see this is in fact a very rare occasion as only one square root day occurs in every century. Of course, at the beginning of the AD period they were much more common, but now they are practically extinct. 

In light of this new information, I hope that you have a wonderful math filled day and I look forward to our truly root filled day in the upcoming year of 2025. What kind of party would you like? Be forewarned we will only have one such party in our lifetime.

*he in this sense is a generalization I in no way am suggesting that the creator of this holiday was male. Alas I do not know the gender of our wonderful clever little mathematician.