22 March 2011

Time for Transitions

March, as always, is a month of activity.  I can gladly announce that we are all moved into our temporary home and everything seems to be settling quite nicely for the quiet month of April.   We have, however, started a little of the rush of contractors as Tyler and I work to gain quotes, finalize designs and get everyone lined up to start work the first of May.  Until then, however, we have 2 special birthdays to celebrate this week and a couple of great weekend events planned for April to help keep us all sane.  

The boys waving goodbye to the old house.  They left the day before our big move.  Our great friends came the next morning and helped us move everything.  What an incredible blessing we consider the help that we have received for this transition.

Our temporary house is just that, temporary.  We have spent the last 30 days greatly reducing our items in preparation for moving into a fully furnished small vacation home.  We are only here until the end of June though,  then we move into an even smaller furnished vacation cottage until September when we, Lord willing, move into our mid sized family colonial.  Which, thankfully, is not furnished, at the moment.  

The view of the lake from the front. That small cottage will be our home for July and August.

Our home away from home is really a vacation home on the lake!  It seems that there is very little on the market available for a family of six to rent.  If it wasn't the fact that we didn't need it for a year, it was "oh you can't put kids in THAT apartment", or some other such nonsense.  All I have to say is landlords have no reason to complain about not being able to find renters.  The Lord is on our side, however, and he provided us with a wonderful place to spend our Spring days.  Not only is our landlord not afraid of children (he has 10 himself), but he is very kind and is allowing us to rent this home until July, when we can rent his smaller cottage until we are ready to occupy our new residence.  

This is the staircase that leads to the loft (aka, Tyler and my bedroom).  I think that by the time I am 7 months along I will have to go up backward to have enough room.

I have included some pictures of our new dwelling place; which aside from the clutter (which naturally comes with vacation homes as the owners tend to collect every little knickknack for every little shelf), is lovely.  Don't be jealous that for probably the only time in our lives we have a chance to live on a lake in Maine, just come visit us and spend the day basking in the sun and swimming.  Assuming that this snow disappears sometime between now and September of course!

The view of the loft from the great room.  The chimney is massive and literally in the middle of the house.

09 March 2011


Oberon (the king of the fairies), and his train of fairies

Who falls asleep and wakes up in a completely different state of mind because of a so-called dream?  Apparently characters in a Shakespeare play.  This past weekend Elijah was able to be a part of the SMASH performance of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream".  I love Shakespeare, but do not consider this play one of my favorites. The performance that this group put on, however, was by far better than any other.  I expected to enjoy the play more for the fact that I appreciate the actors and their hard work.  Intermission came all together too soon,  and I realized that they were doing such a great job that I was lost in the story.  Not only was Shakespeare suddenly not hard to understand, but the body language and expressions the actors were using was making it downright enjoyable.  If you ever get the chance to see the transformation of some wonderfully old literature by SMASH; seize the opportunity and enjoy the show!

Queen Titania & her train of fairies

Not only has this performance helped me to comprehend the idea of a Greek play written by an Elizabethan playwright and performed by a group of Americans, but it has also given the families involved memories to cherish.  How I enjoyed visiting, learning from, and laughing with the variety of mothers during rehearsals.  SMASH has given those of us longing for community a furlough into the life of a play with wonderful people and a great guide.  Not to mention the incredible increase in vocabulary everyone gains.  I mean how many mothers can say their 6 yr. old son woke them up from a nap by quoting shakespeare?

The entire cast