22 March 2014

Deja Vu

Some of you loyal readers might recognize this photo from my 2008 blog post "My "Accident Prone" Son":

Of all of my time as a mother that episode in 2008 was the only time that any of my 5 boys had broken an arm.  Interestingly enough,  Andrew still holds the record for more emergency room visits in our household.  Deja Vu?  I think so.

Andrew's birthday is today.  Andrew is spending his birthday on the couch, because yesterday he went skiing with his uncle and aunt and spent the afternoon in the ER with his mother.  

When we got back from the hospital guess what Tyler and Eli had done to Andrew Bear?  New tradition anyone?

May your birthday be less eventful, yet more fun.  

18 March 2014

2014 Skiing Fun!

Elijah and my dad enjoying the view at the top of the mountain.

We have gone skiing more often this year than any other.  3 times in all.  This is mostly because of a local ski resort that charges a reasonable rate for the day, but also because my father has equipment for all of us which keeps us from renting.  As a result, I can take my entire family skiing for less than 50 bucks!  We budgeted for 3 trips this Winter and we took them all.  It was wonderful to watch the boys progress in their skiing skills.  Andrew started out the year needing to ski with an adult, but as of this past weekend he skis alone and very well.  His turns and stops were so impressive that we actually took him to the top of the mountain.  He did very well, and only fell a few more times than I did.  I am not a very good skier as I took it up a few years ago so that I could go with the boys.  I am having a great time watching them and learning right alongside them.  Even though I have no plans to keep up with their growing abilities, I am delighted to be able to ski alongside them on the mountain.  

Every year, I take a lift interview with the boys so that they can tell us about their progress.  Not only do I get a video log of their skiing, but I also get to record their wonderful little voices.  

Here are Elijah, Josiah, and Andrew's lift interviews for your viewing pleasure.  Caleb doesn't get a lift interview with me as we never ride the lift together.  Caleb still needs an adult to hold a pole for him and I am just not a strong enough skier to be his adult.  My dad has graciously and expertly taught all of my boys how to ski and we are so excited to share this activity with him.  




Happy Skiing Everyone!